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Article - The Future is Hybrid


Starting with the Industrial Revolution, technology has evolved extremely rapidly – the past two centuries have encompassed more technological and scientific achievements than were accomplished in the past two millennia. So many new technologies have been invented, each of those revolutionizing their domain - things we take for granted today.

The steam engine gave way to the internal combustion engine, the Diesel engine, leading to jet and rocket engines – providing propulsion to cars, aircraft and spacecraft. Experiments with electricity led to the invention of the battery, the electric light bulb, and nuclear energy. From the time when radio, television and telephone were invented - the birth of the Internet and a worldwide communications revolution was inevitable.


The New Trend

Today, one thing is clear –a new trend is emerging: the hybrid trend. The hybrid combines multiple technologies that complement each other, providing a more efficient design. The best benefit of hybrid technology is that while each individual technology has its merits, it inevitably has certain deficiencies. But by combining multiple technologies, deficiencies can be negated – and the advantages multiplied.

The best example of this is probably the success of hybrid cars, although there are many hybrid technologies that are already available and put to use – such as hybrid solar and wind renewable energy.

The petrol engine is powerful, but inefficient – a lot of power is wasted to heat. The electric motor on the other hand, is silent and efficient but lacks power and current battery technology doesn’t yet allow for efficient energy storage. But when combined into a hybrid, the overall design becomes much more efficient – the petrol engine can provide the needed horsepower, and the electric motor provides silent propulsion while batteries are charged on the go, wasting less energy.

Solar power is free and clean; and so is wind power. However practically, each one of those is not sufficient for continuous power generation – solar only works during sunlight hours, and wind may be unpredictable. However when combined in a hybrid system, those two renewable energy sources negate each other’s inefficiencies. Renewable source power plants are now all embracing hybrid, rather than standalone power sources.


Hybrid: The Way of the Future

With mass production and economies of scale, technology is becoming cheaper and more accessible. This paves the way for many new hybrids to become viable, and it is certain that the future lies in hybrid designs. Hybrids are more efficient, more environmentally-friendly, and as design and production progresses, more affordable.


Our Own Hybrid

Believing in the benefits of hybrid technology, our Air Interface is a hybrid as well. A unique combination of CDMA and OFDMA, our hybrid benefits from the advantages of each of those technologies while negating their deficiencies. The result is performance and efficiency that is superior to those individual systems by themselves.


Alloyant Technologies supplies high performance broadband wireless access systems designed for voice, data, SMS and full mobility support, equipped with a Hybrid Air Interface design.